DMZ Korea Times

“Liminal Space”, DMZ Museum, co-curated by Joo Yeon Woo and George Rivera, South Korea, June 22–December 31, 2018

The DMZ is a buffer zone about 155 miles long and 2.4 miles wide between North and South Korea. The DMZ serves as a symbolic site for the two Koreas in that it represents the historical significance of the Korean War and the tragic Cold War era. In 2018, under Joo Woo’s curatorial guidance, Artnauts launched Liminal Space, an exhibition with 35 female and nine male artists at the DMZ Museum, located in the Civilian Passage Restriction area in South Korea. The exhibition featured the 44 Artnauts artists’ 88 diptych artworks and special guest artist Yong Soon Min’s new installation reflecting on the divided peninsula. The exhibition was reviewed by the Korea Times, which is one of the national newspapers established in 1950 in Korea.

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