Being in America by Lilly Wei, 2023

Charged at the AHL Foundation by Jonathan Goodman, 2023

Sunshowers by Mira Dayal (an artist, writer, and editor based in New York), 2023

Charged, curatorial essay by Hyewon Yi, 2023

The Personal and the Political in Liminal Space.” co-authored with Sandy Lane, a chapter in Expanding the Parameters of Feminist Activism edited by Gillian Hannum and Kyunghee Pyun, (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2022), pp.109-127

Structure of Feeling by Rosario Güiraldes, 2022

DARIA, “inVISIBLE/hyperVISIBLE” by Renee Marino,  June 2022

Fractal Nature by Patricia Margarita Hernández (a curator based in Brooklyn and a former Assistant Curator at Dia Art Foundation, NY), 2021

Images Beyond Sound and Words: on Joo Yeon Woo’s Gyopo Portraits and Sound Words by Rangsook Yoon, 2018

Traveler’s Cup by Joo Yeon Woo

7 Questions: Joo Yeon Woo by Cathy Salustri, 2018

“Liminal Space” at the DMZ Museum, Exhibition Review by DailyCamera, 2018

Six US artists team up for DMZ exhibition by the Korea Times, 2018

BEYOND TRADITION: Looking Backwards, Moving Forwards by Scarlet Cheng, 2018

Beyond Tradition: Contemporary Reflections in East Asia (press release) by Hyewon Yi, 2018

From Immigrant to Transnational: Nostalgia for an Imagined Homeland by Kyunghee Pyun, 2017

Places & People In Between by Lilly Wei, 2015

사이에서: 장소, 그리고 사람 by 릴리 웨이, 2015 (한글 번역)

The most memorable four exhibitions in 2013 by EunKwang Park, 2013

Traveler’s Cup by Trunk Gallery, 2013

Art & Cook (Korean) by Sejong Center, 2013

Art & Cook – Filling with Arts by Lee Myoung Jin, 2013

Bit, Byte, Dot, Spot, Tampa Museum of Art, 2009

Another way to adapt to different cultures by Soyun Kim, 2009

The Glass Bead Game by Eunkyung Lee, 2009

Another way to adapt to different cultures by Soyun Kim, 2009

Very Special Her by Eun Mi Lim, 2007