The most memorable four exhibitions in 2013



“The most memorable four exhibitions in 2013” by EunKwang Park (Director of KIPS Gallery, Seoul), Monthly Photography, Korea, vol 551, Dec 2013, p68
The Most Memorable Exhibitions This Year

Among the many photograph exhibitions held this year, what were the best exhibitions that the photography critics and curators paid attention to? Two curators from the photography galleries selected four best exhibitions held in 2013.

4 artwork images of four artists selected by EunKwang Park (Director of KIPS Gallery, Seoul) and Hyein Sim (Director of Gallery Lux, Seoul)

“At the end of this summer, I found Woo Joo Yeon’s <Traveler’s Cup> (Trunk Gallery, August 29 – September 24) and remember it as a unique and enjoyable exhibition. She filled water glasses with small photos of places she traveled. And then she re-photographed the glasses with the photos of places again whence they came. Her work explores nomadic life and is attractive enough to make us feel curious about her art and philosophy.

Another memorable exhibition was <Stereogram> by Yang Ho-Sang, an awardee of Yong Artist Program from Gallery Lux (August 7-18). Gallery Lux has been introducing innovative artworks to the public by selecting and supporting young artists through Emerging Young Artists Award Program. Yang explores issues of identity and the ways in which information flows in our modern society through the form of “clothes”. Rather than taking an oppressive or serious attitude to convey social issues, He expresses his ideas with a pleasant and light-hearted manner by using vivid colors and compositions. Light- heartedness is his special ability.

– EunKwang Park (Director of KIPS Gallery, Seoul)